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"Gemini 18"
"Gemini 18"
acrylic on canvas
68 x 68" diagonal

Gemini Paintings: 2010-12
The Gemini series, 2010 to 2012, continues an interest that first began in 1990 in composing paintings with the assistance of a computer program, Photoshop. In this case it involved the overlapping of two identical patterns. Each pattern is first painted in black and white on canvas or plastic and then fed into a computer program, converted into a transparent white and gray image and then duplicated and overlapped in a number of ways, displaced, rotated or flipped. Transparent gray and white checkerboard patterns that overlap produce additional black shapes. These shapes are then converted to color. The image is printed out and an acrylic painting on canvas or plastic is generated from them. In a sense the painting is an altered portrait of the computer image. The last paintings in the series are based on undulating patterns and the omission of black shapes that occur when grays overlap. These former black shapes become white shapes and join the white of the ground simplifying the pattern dramatically and producing a strong rhythm throughout the painting. These fused patterns produce a variety of visually intriguing images as a result of combining painting techniques with opportunities afforded by a sophisticated computer program.